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R-Rin! W…When did you turn into a girl…? Is this some messed up potion again? A curse…?

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Headcanon: How Father Fujimoto discovered Yukio’s knack at marksmanship.

Yukio knew that Fujimoto had a gun stored away in a chest in the basement under the church, and for the longest time he really wanted to try it out. The old rifle was too big for him to carry alone, so he asked his twin brother Rin to help him steady the gun while he aimed it. Yukio isn’t the type to ask for favors so Rin accepted, knowing it meant a lot to his little bro.

Later, Yukio gets scolded by Fujimoto because “kids shouldn’t touch what doesn’t belong to them, especially if it can kill somebody.” However, Fujimoto notes that Yukio managed to land a bullet straight through the crude crayon bulls-eye the child had made, which was roughly one inch in diameter, and reluctantly acknowledges Yukio’s prodigal, albeit unrefined, gun skills.

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